Man & Machine, from solid to liquid to air, #theconf @caseorganic

Amber Case, keynote speaker at The Conference, day one session 3.

We are all cyborgs. That is the statement Amber Case gives us in the beginning of her keynote speech at The Conference. Her knowledge in the area comes from research and the title cyborg anthropologist. We can be low-tech or heavy-tech ones but as soon as we interact with computers and explores the mental self we are cyborgs. As humans we are weird creatures that wants to explore surroundings where we are physically incapable of being in. Like under water, in space…

Dusty and backwards?   

Anthropologists as we have known them have been studying people in different cultures, but today they are more in to studying the society of today and what surrounds them. And it’s not so that anthropologist only look to passed times, already in 1941 they held a conference on the theme ”Humans & Technology”. But to be able to see the future you have to be able to se (and interpret) the past and the present.

Wait, I just have to find my hard disk drive

A hammer is used to extend the physical self. Automobile as well, they were invented to use instead of walking or running really fast. But computers? What we do today is storing our memories outside of ourselves. So extending of the mental self is what we do with technology and computers.

Debug reality   

Seeing at the past and the present what probably will develop is calm technology that is there when you need it and then go away. And, of course, improved interfaces because of the matured technology – not just a copy of physical objects. More like superhuman interfaces, technology and interfaces that makes you feel like a superhuman. Your technical device becomes your remote control for reality and the reality gets another dimension because of the technique. It is not that we are bad at technology, technology hasn’t been well developed for us yet.

You can find her presentation here.
Fredrik Wass, Bisonblog, has written a blog note on the presentation.



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